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Your grade in Physics will be calculated as follows:

Tests - 40% of grade

Tests will be a given in two parts. The first half of the test will be a co-operative section and you will have one class period to complete it. The second section will be an individual section that will be given the following day. Tests will consist of AP style free-response questions.

Labs - 20% of grade

Labs will be graded according to the student's behavior and effort while completing the actual lab work as well as any work that the teacher instructs the student to hand in as the lab report. Most lab reports will be due at the end of the lab period.

Quizzes - 20% of grade

A variety of assessments will be counted as quizzes in this class. These include the following:

Mutiple Choice Quizzes will be less than a period in length and will be given at a rate of one quiz before each test. Quizzes will consist of questions similar to those on the multiple choice section of the AP exam.

Unit Problems will be given at the beginning of each unit. The student is expected to work on the problem over the course of the unit and turn in the finished problem the day of the unit test.

Skill Sets are problem sets designed to test the basic math skills students will be expected to master in a unit. Skill Sets may be taken multiple times and the highest grade will be counted.

Comprehension Questions are problem sets designed to test student understanding of basic physics concepts and terms. Comprehension Question may be taken multiple times and the highest grade will be counted.

Standards - 20% of grade

Students will be demonstrate mastery of the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices for each marking period. Students will be assessed multiple times on each practice and will be afforded opportunities to demonstrate mastery outside of class.

For more information about the course

Course Syllabus in PDF format

Created 8/23/2018