Description For Lab #4 - Galileo's Experiment Part 1

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This simulation is of a ball rolling down a ramp.

The distance (measured along the ramp) can be varied with the slider. When the "Release Object" button is pushed the object will move down the ramp and the time it takes to reach the bottom will be displayed.

Pushing the "Release Object" button will repeat the motion from the same distance. Pushing the "Place Object" button will place the ball at the starting position without releasing it. This allows the distance and/or object to be changed before the next trial.

This simulation is based on a hand-timed experiment. There is an uncertainty built into the time variable so it will vary realistically.

Uncertainties for other values:

mass = +/- 0.01 kg

distance = +/- 0.01 m

angle = +/- 0.5 degrees